Our Services

Planning an upcoming project can be overwhelming and we're here to help guide you through, step by step.  Our honesty, integrity, competitive pricing, experience in the industry and outstanding customer service are just a few of the reasons why you can count on Contractors Marine.  We are confident in our knowledge and expertise to get your job done right... the FIRST time.


Our Hydraulic Dredge was completely refurbished in 2014 and is capable of a 65′ single pass channel width (swing) and depths down to 28′.  Hydraulic Dredging is perfect for your small or medium dredge project.

Mechanical Dredging mechanically scoops up bottom material from a body of water and deposits it into a barge to be towed away.  Our extensive and comprehensive maintenance programs with daily engineer inspections are all designed to keep down-time on any project to a minimum.

Whether you need land cleared and leveled for new construction of a home or driveway, pond excavation, a trench dug out for new sewer or water lines or any other excavation project you can think of, we've got the equipment and expertise to put to use!

Sometimes a better alternative to an Erosion Control System, if space is available, is to actually move the entire structure away from the eroding bluff. These types of projects involve many more details and permissions. Clearing, excavating, new foundations, wells, septic systems, electrical and gas re-connections, driveways and landscaping must all be taken into consideration. Clients often use this process to also   enhance and update the structure.

Rock Revetment is an erosion control method that consists of placing rocks along the shoreline with the intention of dissipating incoming wave energy to protect the existing shoreline.

Acting as a barrier, seawalls offer protection to your shoreline.  Contractors Marine offers both the installation of new and the repair of existing seawalls of steel, aluminum, plastic, vinyl or wood.

Contractors Marine exclusively installs Shore Savers, a new and innovative patent-pending, erosion control product.  The Shore Savers™ erosion control system was created as a result of many client request for an erosion control product that was cost effective, environmentally responsible, maintained lake side aesthetics and use, and was easily installed and removable.