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Contractors Marine, LTD offers seawall installation in a wide variety of configurations and materials.  Seawalls can be constructed of steel, aluminum, plastic or wood and are typically installed with a vibrating hydraulic or air hammer suspended from a cable crane or hydraulic excavator depending on site access and working room.

We also repair existing seawalls and other erosion control structures.  Many older walls have washout, which is the erosion of the walls back-fill from wave action and surface water runoff.  If the walls are currently upright and fairly straight their service life can be drastically extended by excavating the loose fill behind the wall, adding a soil fabric barrier to eliminate soil migration, and back filling with suitable fill

Design considerations include body of water location, wave and flow characteristics, soil and bottom conditions, height and type of back-fill to be retained, design life and budget.  Smaller walls on inland lakes and harbors are often of a simple design and usually have extended service periods if properly installed, tied back and capped – and conditions remain the same.

Commercial and industrial walls are much more extensively designed and construction specifications are typically furnished by an engineering firm that also performs soil borings and installation inspections to insure the integrity of the wall as installed so its full service life can be realized.  Often by taking advantage of our trade knowledge and working contacts with marine engineers and material suppliers, our clients can greatly enhance the overall design and construction time at a competitive price.